What’s new? Shopyourworld featured on What Hi-Fi!

They say a true sign of growth is when everyone talks about you. Although this may not be an accurate benchmark in politics, we are sure this holds true in the field of electronics and e-commerce, for sure! So when ‘What Hi-Fi?’ featured the Luxa 2 Groovy Bluetooth Speakers and mentioned ShopYourWorld in connection in their April 2014 edition, we rejoiced.

The Luxa 2 Groovy Bluetooth Speaker has been one of our favourite products in recent times. TechRadar reviews that, “If you’re looking for an attractive and powerful speaker with decent-quality Bluetooth audio, the Luxa2 Groovy will work just fine.” With tremendous response from the market, it made us also fall in love with it for its elegant design. A silvery stunner in brushed aluminium with a leather strap, this speaker is also light to carry around.

The Luxa 2 gives a great quality sound and lets you play music wirelessly from your tablet, laptop and Smartphone, or go the traditional way and connect it to your audio device. Wirelessly connect it to your mobile and pick your calls hands-free and use the enhanced audio to attend your conference calls at ease.

‘What Hi-Fi?’ India is a monthly magazine, launched in 2005, from the house of Haymarket Consumer Media. With information on every aspect that crosses your mind when you think ‘Sound and Vision’, the magazine is what the country’s audiophiles and home-cinema lovers have opted for over the years. An offshoot of the popular and established magazine of the same name in the UK, the magazine boasts of a circulation of almost 65, 000 copies every month.

Take a look at this product feature of the Luxa 2 Groovy Bluetooth Speakers and a mention of Shopyourworld, on the ‘What Hi-Fi?’ Magazine in the screenshot embedded below. Or better yet, rush to your nearest newsstand and get your own copy to check this out and also feed yourself with the latest from the world of sound and vision.

Shopyourworld - What Hi Fi - Page No 29 - April 2014

Nexus Wireless Charger now available on Shopyourworld!

Positive reviews are pouring in congratulating Shopyourworld on our quick and exclusive launch of electronics in India; the Motorola Moto G, Roku Streaming Stick and the Amazon Fire TV being some recent examples. One such unique product creating a buzz among Smartphone owners – and earning Shopyourworld a mention in the April issue of Stuff India Managzine – is the LG Google Nexus Wireless Charger.

The wireless charger is a small 2.36 inches square device, about half an inch thick, but weighs good 150 grams. It uses the advanced Qi Standard technology to charge your phone wirelessly; this means you no longer have to struggle to plug in the USB cord when your phone runs out of juice in the dead of the night. Charging your Smartphone is as simple as placing it on top of the Nexus wireless charger.  When you hear a distinct sound emitting from the charger, you know you’ve placed your phone correctly. The magnetic field on both the devices makes sure your phone or tablet stays locked in place and doesn’t slip off. And it works even if you’ve got an original Nexus case on your device!

Stuff India is the Indian edition of the popular British men’s magazine Stuff, launched in 2008. It is widely known for its previews of future technology and trusted for reviews of consumer electronics. Read by more than 85,000 people, it is one of the most popular gadget magazines in India.

You can check out an excerpt of the mention below!

Shopyourworld- Stuff India  Magazine- Page No 29 - April,2014

Business Standard’s The Strategist mentions ShopYourWorld!

Encouraging feedback and reviews for Shopyourworld have been pouring in and we are excited to share all of them with you! ShopYourWorld.com has yet again found mention in a prestigious print supplement – The Strategist – by Business Standard.

Can business start-ups survive if their captains (founders) decide to ditch the ship? With a little smart planning, the answer is yes! This latest feature by The Strategist talks about various business stories in this reference, and quotes the opinions of reputed industry professionals. We are elated to see Mr. Sandip Shah, Managing Director and Co-founder, shopyourworld.com being featured in the article.

The Strategist is a weekly four-page supplement by Business Standard, and has been popular for its insightful and progressive stories about the business world. Founded in 1975, the Business Standard primarily covers Indian and international business and finance news. It is touted as one of the best newspapers by serious business news readers.

Published from 12 major cities in India – Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Pune, Kochi and Bhubaneswar –  Business Standard stands for reporting that stresses accuracy and credibility, comment that is informed, independent and fair, and journalism that is rooted in ethical conduct and defined by a sacred bond with the reader. As such, it is a moment of pride for us to be featured in such an esteemed publication.

You can read the full article by The Strategist below!

BS - The Strategist

The New Indian Express reviews ShopYourWorld

We are in our celebratory mood yet again, and this time it is thanks to this piece in the New Indian Express. It is always a great feeling when we get reviewed for all the hard work we put in at ShopYourWorld. So, while the whole team is cheering over their chais and vadapavs at the story, we urge you to share our joy by buying yourself a copy from the newsstands.

The New Indian Express is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily that is published by the Express Publications. Although it started out as the Indian Express, way back in 1932, it split into The New Indian Express and The Indian Express in 1999. The New Indian Express, currently functions out of Chennai and is well known for its fearless tone and straightforward reporting.

To be featured in such a renowned publication that many an Indian citizen picks to read with their morning cuppa is no mean task! We are beaming at the wonderful way the reporter has weaved the story of how ShopYourWorld came into being, how it functions and creates links for cross-border trade. Even someone new to the world of online shopping can get an insight into it now.

So while we go and try to make international shopping even more fun than it already is, take some time out and take a look at this article. And once you are done with the review, we are sure you are going to land right at the ShopYourWorld website and pile up your cart! It IS true, shopping is everything!

The New Indian Express_worldwideshopping

ShopYourWorld mentioned in Digit Magazine’s review of Motorola MotoG

Who doesn’t like a little showbiz? We, at ShopYourWorld, love it when the press shines some light on us. Once again, it is our hot selling Motorola Moto G that gets us the attention. This article, in the March issue of Think Digit, had us excited for all the right reasons! It mentions that you can buy the Moto G in India from ShopYourWorld, giving details of price etc.

*drumrolls please*

Digit is the one magazine that anyone who has anything to do with technology, runs to for updates! Published by 9.9 Media, it has a reported readership of about 2, 70, 000 people. With each issue containing well-researched detailed information on IT, web publishing, open source software, gadgets, products and more, Digit is also immensely popular online, in the form of the Think Digit website.

So when such a prestigious magazine writes about Moto G and urges its readers to buy the Moto G in India from ShopYourWorld, we were elated! For all you ShopYourWorld loyalists, here is the snippet from the magazine, just so you can celebrate with us.

And if you haven’t bought your Moto G from ShopYourWorld yet, we honestly are surprised! Hurry up!

Moto G- Digit Magazine- Page No 103-March 2014

Moto G Google Play Edition now on ShopYourWorld.com

Stuff India and Exhibit Magazine review ShopYourWorld: The latest Android Smartphone, Moto G by Motorola has been making news in the Indian electronics market. ShopYourWorld has made the much sought after Google Play Edition of the phone available for all its customers – a fact picked up by popular consumer electronics print magazines – Stuff India and Exhibit Magazine – in their February editions.

Touted as the one of the best budget phones launched in the recent times, the Moto G has everything you want in a Smartphone – sleek and classy design combined with the latest technology (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 4.5” 1280 x 720 HD display, Adreno 305 GPU and 1GB RAM) and a long battery life. The phone is available with an internal storage variation of 8GB and 16GB. It gives the microSD card slot a miss and in the process offers no expandable memory feature. But Google does provide you with cloud storage of an extra 50 GB for two years.

Stuff India is the Indian edition of the popular British men’s magazine Stuff. It is widely known for its previews of future technology and trusted for reviews of consumer electronics.

With a tagline of Technology meets Lifestyle, Exhibit Magazine is well known for its recommendations and reviews of the best gadgets available in the market.

You can read the full review from these publications here! Click here for review in Stuff India and here for Exhibit Magazine.

Moto G, Stuff India, Pg.46, Feb.2014

ShopYourWorld in CNBC Awaaz Tech Guru

Great news, shopaholics! ShopYourWorld.com got featured in CNBC Awaaz Tech Guru (20 Feb 2014, 18:30 pm) show in the episode reviewing the Google Chromecast. The show takes us through the how-tos and the what-tos of this immensely popular media dongle. If you are planning to buy this product, this could very well be the perfect tutorial to introduce you to the workings of the Chromecast.

For all those who missed it, here is the snippet!

Check it out!


ShopYourWorld gets reviewed for MotoG on Mid-Day!

Our morning cup of coffee brought with it some great news on the paper! ShopYourWorld got mentioned in the Moto G review that ran in the Mid-Day today and we were delighted!

As you all know, the new phone on the block that is doing the buzz is the Motorola Moto G. With an impressive battery life (something all of us long for in our Smartphones!), brilliant display, comfortable design, insightful UI and great performance in its category, it has been pitted as “the best budget phone money can buy”.

Although it is not available in India at the moment, this phone is thankfully available to YOU, our loyal shoppers, through ShopYourWorld. And it was absolutely wonderful to have this mentioned in the Mid-Day. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune runs to the Mid-Day for fun and interesting reporting!  Be it national or international news, food and health, travel and lifestyle or sex and relationship – many of the cosmopolitan crowd prefer the Mid-Day to any other newspaper on the block.

So we weren’t surprised to see many a train commuter flipping through this article covering the fabulous Moto G in the Mumbai locals. It warmed our heart to see them looking engrossed reading and we obviously hoped that they were mentally making a note to buy one soon from ShopYourWorld!

What more, SYW is launching the Motorola Moto G Google Play Edition as well! This GPE has a completely “pure” stock Android setup that promises OS updates the instant Google delivers them. So you don’t need to be one of those who are waiting for their manufacturer’s mood swings to get the latest OS for your phones! Isn’t that great news?

Also, the GPE comes with some additional perks and tweaks. Apart from minor things like the GPE comes with the standard KitKat boot animation instead of the custom Motorola one, there are other major alterations including a Standard stock Android launcher, new stock Android Camera app, the  full KitKat level Dialer app that lets you conduct “in-app Web searches and Internet-powered caller ID by Google” and does not have any Moto specific features present in the other version.

So if you want speedy updates and stock Android for your phone, then the Google Play Edition should be your choice. Else, go for the Motorola Moto G regular edition and remember this review (check out the paper clipping below and the e-article here) and buy it from ShopYourWorld!

Midday coverage_1 Midday coverage_2


Motorola Moto G launch on ShopYourWorld gets reviewed by the press!

ShopYourWorld reviews and press coverage: If you’re looking for a high performance, good looking phone with brilliant features that is actually affordable, your search ends at Shop Your World. One of the most popularly anticipated Smartphones, the Motorola Moto G, is now available to buy online, in India. The phone hits the retail shelves and websites in India sometime in January 2014. However your favourite international online shopping portal, ShopYourWorld.com, has made the phone available for you, even before its launch here.


Majority of the international tech websites are all praise for the Moto G. Closer home, popular and widely trusted tech websites like Tech2.in.com, ibnlive.in.com, ThinkDigit.com, RTN.asia, Mobigyaan.com, bgr.in and Sulekha.com could not stop gushing with delight at impressive offer on the phone at ShopYourWorld. At a remarkable and extremely affordable price, the 8GB version of the Moto G can be yours for Rs 15,137. The 16 GB version is also available for Rs 17,089.

You can read all the reviews of the Motorola Moto G launch in India by ShopYourWorld here –


To throw some light on the much discussed characteristics of the Moto G, it features an edge-to-edge 4.5” HD display with 720p, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor with 1GB RAM. It also boasts of an all day battery, pure Google OS – Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and guaranteed upgrade to Android 4.4 Kitkat in 2014. It comes equipped with a 5 megapixel rear camera with HD recording, 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for video calls, Moto G FM radio, and smooth, curved and easily changeable colourful backs to customize your phone exactly the way you want. At 143gms in weight and 11.6mm thick, the phone isn’t exactly thin or feather light, but it does feel rather comfortable to hold and use.

Moto G - Copy

So far, reviews for the Moto G have been positive and encouraging. According to Techcrunch.com, “The Moto G outperforms the Galaxy S4 on boot time, browser launch, return home, making calls and more.” Backing this verdicts, Trustedreviews.com says the “performance (of the phone) is stellar for the price.” Mashable.com has aptly called the Moto G “an inexpensive phone that packs good technology for its cost.” As a final word, Engadget.com says, “If you’re even considering springing for a Moto G, stop thinking and just do it… The Moto G is quite simply the best phone on the market in its price range.”

ibnlivemotogThis latest Smartphone from Motorola has created a huge buzz in the market and has many takers lining up to grab it even before its official launch in India. So what are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the world trend and order your Moto G from Shop Your World right now!

ShopYourWorld.com gets reviewed by EFYOnline

ShopYourWorld.com review on EFYOnline: Our funding news has been making waves across the internet. As we have mentioned before, ShopYourWorld raised its first round of institutional funding from the Singapore Governments’ National Research Foundation, a department directly operated by the Prime Minister’s office along with two leading Asia focused venture capital firms; iGlobe Partners and WaveMaker Labs. Electronics For You, also known as EFY or E4U has made this information public through their portal.

Electronics for you is a much-sought after Indian technology magazine that has been in publication for over 44 years.  Owned by the EFY Enterprises, it comes with a reputation as being one of the best sources of technology information.  Its online version, the EFYOnline has been doing equally well with a loyal viewership of over 4,000,000 per month.  The EFY Online is a reliable source for articles covering news in the fields of science and technology, open source, gaming, telecom, automobile, BPO, information technology, consumer electronics and more. It has been the most sought after magazine amongst engineering students in India. Considered the Number One Electronics Magazine in South East Asia, it works from its headquarters in New Delhi and has branches spread across the country, in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai.

If you are a techie who swears by open source, this really is the last word! The EFY Online regularly updates on Linux/ open source world and also adds to it with in-depth interviews with major tech players including developers, CEOs and others.

Shop Your World is a shopping revolution that provides the Indian consumer with an unparalleled international online shopping experience offering a wide range of branded products.

From Books, Mobile Phone Accessories, Laptops, Computers, Television, Tablet PCs and MP3 Players, to Home Appliances, Accessories and more, you can purchase all branded products that are available only in the US, sitting right here, in India!

The company is registered in Singapore and managed by a team of highly experienced professionals across Singapore and India, who are pioneers in the fields of e-Commerce, Logistics, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing and Customer Service.

With over a million products to choose from and with some of the world’s greatest brands on board; having the best customer service, quick delivery, selective cash on delivery and an exciting personal shopper program, ShopYourWorld gives the best all-round value for the money you spend shopping.

Read the review of ShopYourWorld on EFYonline below:

shopyourworld reviews


We hope you are better informed about ShopYourWorld than ever before. We will keep updating you on everything that is happening at our end regularly. So watch out for it!

As you know, only the best online shopping experience awaits you at ShopYourWorld! Continue your support and love for us by following us on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Google Plus, and keep yourself updated on all our activities!

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